CuddleUppets are the newest kids creation from Jay at Play. They have taken the Pillow pet/Happy Napper idea in a new direction that actually compliments those products. Simply put they are a combination of a blanket and a stuffed animal puppet and are only available at online now as the official site is no longer up. Check out the video below to see the original commercial.

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If you watch any childrens TV at all you have probably seen the CuddleUppets commercial a few years back. My daughter has already memorized the jingle and has informed me that she wants the Pink Poodle. The idea is a new twist on the pillow pet concept where instead of a pillow you now have a blanket. 

What I like about these are they are interactive in that the stuffed animal is actually a puppet. This makes for great imaginative play and almost brings the character to life for the kids. Perfect for puppet shows or just as an imaginary pet with no clean up.

There are 6 different CuddleUppets to choose from at this time and they are:

  • The Pink Poodle
  • The Purple Monkey
  • The Yellow Puppy
  • The Green Crocodile
  • The Blue Elephant
  • The Brown Bear

cuddleuppetsWhether you choose by color or character there is a CuddleUppet that’s right for any child.

The blanket ( body) measure 39 inches long by 28 inches across. This makes it not only a great pal at bedtime but the perfect travel blanket. If your going on a long car ride or even a plane ride your kids will be able not only bring a stuffed animal but also have a cozy blanket combined with them. Great for the car on those cold winter nights.

They are made by Jay at Play which is also a great company. I have dealt with them before and received my orders really fast and if you have questions they have super customer service as well. This is especially important when dealing with a product you can only order online such as CuddleUppets.

You can also get a discount if you order more then one which is great if you have more then one child or just want to collect them all. The First CuddleUppet is $19.99 and each additional one is $16.99. And if you order more 3 or more shipping is free as well.

As I mentioned before my own daughter has already shown a pretty big interest in these and so I will be ordering the Pink Poodle for her birthday. For the price you really can’t beat it. If these are as popular as Pillow Pets and Happy Nappers they will be going pretty quickly so if your thinking about getting them I would say order now while they are offering the discounts and all the characters are in stock.


There are now many more Characters to choose from including Disney characters, Doc McStuffins and even Angry Birds. Check out all the great characters by clicking the link below! My daughter still loves hers after having them for a few years now.

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