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happy nappersHappy Nappers are slowly becoming one of them most popular kids toys around. The Happy Nappers commercial can be seen on TV on almost any kid oriented channel with most children knowing the jingle by heart. One thing you may have noticed is they are not in any stores.

In This article we will learn where to buy Happy Nappers. From the older ones to the newer, you will find everything you need right here.

When they first came out you could only get them with a FREE Mini Napper by visiting the official Happy Nappers site. Now though, they are sold separately and the mini’s a re a little harder to find although very reasonable in price. you may find some on other smaller sites but you will want to stick to the better known ones to avoid possible knock offs, higher prices or any other problems that tend to follow a product that has become so popular so  fast.

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In case you didn’t know, Happy Nappers are stuffed animals that transform in to a pillow. The pillow is the animals home, complete with a working door bell. The pillows themselves are very soft and comfortable and the animals they transform into are also very plush and soft. There are a total of 6 available as of now. They are a dog and doghouse, dragon and castle, penguin and igloo, Monkey in a Hut, lady bug and lady bug house, and a unicorn with a pink castle.

Kids everywhere are falling in love with these cute, cuddly, characters. My daughter is a big unicorn fan herself so that’s the one we ordered. These are perfect for sleep overs, long trips in the car, plane rides or just about anywhere you might need a pillow. They are small enough to go everywhere and still big enough to be comfortable. Once your done using the home as the pillow simply ring the door bell and bring out your Happy Nappers friend for play time. They are reversible so it’s really easy to switch from pillow to animal and back again. Kids any age will have no problem with changing them back and forth. Look at what these 2 VERY enthusiastic girls think of them.

Happy Nappers Review Video

Now those are some big Happy Nappers fans. That’s the typical reaction kids have when it comes to this lovable toy. They love the fact that the pillow is different from the animal. Also the sounds make them much more interactive. These are a very hot item and as they become more and more popular it could become harder to get the one you want. I remember the 2010 Holiday season and finding the Pillow Pets Unicorn was impossible unless you wanted to pay $100 or more.

Right now you can get some great discounts if you order more then one of them plus a portion of the proceeds goes to the Home Sweet Home Fund which Benefits the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation. Just visit the This Site to order your child their Happy Nappers,  a gift they will love and enjoy for years to come!

Happy Nappers My Personal Experience!

This page is simply about my personal ordering experience with Happy Nappers. Let me start off by saying that when these first came out I was definitely skeptical about them and figured them for nothing more then a Pillow Pet copy cat. So when my 5 year old daughter started bugging me about getting one I just blew it off and said” We’ll see” figuring she would forget about it. Needless to say they have now been around for a little while and she was not backing down so it was time to do a little checking.

I basically looked around for Happy Nappers reviews to see what people had to say. As with anything there were both good and bad reviews although, one thing I have noticed is that more people will voice their opinion if they are unhappy then if they are happy. The biggest complaint I heard was on shipping time. Now the website clearly says it can take up to 30 days to ship and if you watch anything advertised on TV it will always say allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.(update June 19, 2011 Most people are reporting much faster shipping now and I have read a comment that Happy Nappers now ship within a week of ordering which was my experience as well)happy nappers unicorn

So I made my Happy Nappers order on May 5 figuring I should see this sometime in early June and hopefully by June 10th for my daughters birthday. All I can say is I was more then happy to receive my Happy Nappers Unicorn on May 10th, only 5 days later. I tested the doorbell through the plastic package and it works perfectly. It also feels VERY soft so I know my daughter is going to be a very happy camper on her birthday. So far these are absolutely awesome and I couldn’t be happier. I will update this page after my daughters Birthday with some pictures and maybe a video as well. until then check out This Link if you want to order one for yourself!

June 19, 2011 Happy Nappers Unicorn Update

My daughters Birthday has now passed and it’s been almost 2 weeks. She still thanks me everyday for getting her the Happy Nappers Unicorn. This was without a doubt one of the best presents I have got her, She loves to play with it and brings it to her grandmothers when she sleeps over. Once I get the video on Youtube I will upload her getting it and maybe do a little interview with her as well. If you have been on the fence about getting a Happy Nappers Play Pillow, all I can say is if your child wants one you simply can’t go wrong with this purchase!

If you are looking for a great character to go with your Happy Napper check out our Cuddleuppets review here!

May, 2014 Update

So we are now a few years later and our Happy Nappers Unicorn is still a big hit. My daughter still loves her unicorn and it is in bed with her almost all the time. We also got the unicorn mini napper a year later and she gets a big kick out of that one as well. During the last few years I have also known quite a few other kids that got various characters from the line up and they all seem to be very happy with them. This one definitely has some staying power and is well worth picking up if your child has an interest in it. You can get Happy Nappers  Right here!

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  1. I am looking for the mini happy nappers. We loved them years ago and now we are looking for them again but I don’t even see them for sale on ebay. Are they even made anymore? And why not?

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