boba tea plushie bubble teaThe Boba Tea Plushie has become one of the most popular plush toys in stores and online. Also known as the Bubble Tea plush its popularity comes as no surprise. Bubble tea itself has become very popular as of late, especially with in the last few years.

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A few years ago, you would have to go to a special event or drive a pretty long distance if you wanted to get your Boba tea fix. Now it seems to be in most every mall and small shopping center.

So, what is Boba Tea

Boba tea is a drink that originated in Taiwan in the 80’s and has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon. Also called bubble tea, it is a blend of tea, milk and different flavorings or sweeteners with the now famous bubbles. These “bubbles” are usually made of tapioca but, there are some others as well. It can be served hot or cold but, in the US, you will usually find it as a cold beverage served over ice.

When you get your tea, it also comes with a very large straw so you can get your boba as well as the tea itself. While this drink is something many go out for it is easy enough to make at home as well. You can use your favorite tea and just add the tapioca bubbles to have your very own boba tea at home.

Boba Tea Plushie, where to buy them.

As with any pop culture fads, once something becomes super popular the various merchandise begins to hit stores. You can find all sorts of tee shirts, mugs, bags and of course, plushies.

The bubble tea plush can be found in various sizes and colors.  you can get small ones that are about 7.8 inches tall or large ones that are almost 20 inches tall. There are some other sizes available as well so there is a bubble tea plush for just about anyone.

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When Did The Boba Tea Plush Become Popular?

Bubble tea started out in the eighties but, really didn’t hit it’s stride in the United States until the last 10 years or so. In the last few years it has really exploded with a lot  more shops opening locally only growing its popularity. The Bubble Tea Plush started to become popular around early 2018 but didn’t really go big until around October 2020. That was when we probably started to see a lot more offerings and therefore a lot more attention to these cute little, and sometimes big, guys and gals.

While there are lots of different ways to make merch for things that are popular, usually the most popular forms are Plush toys and tee shirts. There are some pretty funny Boba Tea Shirts available with a large variety to choose from. Shirts will usually come first simply because they are easier to produce but soon to follow are the plush toys and the boba tea plushie is no exception. While I haven’t seen them in stores much, you can find them pretty easily online.

What Size Bubble Tea Plush Should You get?

There are a lot of sizes, colors and facial expressions to choose from with the Boba Plush toys. Sometimes picking just one can be hard, especially if it is a gift. Size is especially an important decision if space is an issue where the plush may be kept. The big Bubble tea plushies are great as a second pillow or for cuddling and/or leaning on. They are pretty big though so if you do not have the room it may take up too much space when you are not using it. Smaller ones are great for shelves, cars or just younger kids that can’t grip a bigger one.

Choosing the color and expression is much easier as it’s just a matter of preference. The size you will have to take a few more things into account. Still, it’s not really that much of a difficult thing to figure out. Just be sure not to go too big or too small if you are buying for someone else.

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boba tea plushie bubble tea