May 052011

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Happy Nappers are slowly becoming one of them most popular kids toys around. The Happy Nappers commercial can be seen on TV on almost any kid oriented channel with most children knowing the jingle by heart. One thing you may have noticed is they are not in any stores. As of now you can only get them with a FREE Mini Napper by visiting the official Happy Nappers site. you may find some on other sites but you will want to stick to the official site to avoid possible knock offs, higher prices or any other problems that tend to follow a product that has become so popular so  fast.

In case you didn’t know, Happy Nappers are stuffed animals that transform in to a pillow. The pillow is the animals home, complete with a working door bell. The pillows themselves are very soft and comfortable and the animals they transform into are also very plush and soft. There are a total of 6 available as of now. They are a dog and doghouse, dragon and castle, penguin and igloo, Monkey in a Hut, lady bug and lady bug house, and a unicorn with a pink castle.



Happy Nappers


Kids everywhere are falling in love with these cute, cuddly, characters. My daughter is a big unicorn fan herself so that’s the one we ordered. These are perfect for sleep overs, long trips in the car, plane rides or just about anywhere you might need a pillow. They are small enough to go everywhere and still big enough to be comfortable. Once your done using the home as the pillow simply ring the door bell and bring out your Happy Nappers friend for play time. They are reversible so it’s really easy to switch from pillow to animal and back again. Kids any age will have no problem with changing them back and forth. Look at what these 2 VERY enthusiastic girls think of them.


Now those are some big Happy Nappers fans. That’s the typical reaction kids have when it comes to this lovable toy. They love the fact that the pillow is different from the animal. Also the sounds make them much more interactive. These are a very hot item and as they become more and more popular it could become harder to get the one you want. I remember the 2010 Holiday season and finding the Pillow Pets Unicorn was impossible unless you wanted to pay $100 or more.

Right now you can get some great discounts if you order more then one of them plus a portion of the proceeds goes to the Home Sweet Home Fund which Benefits the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation. Just visit the official Happy Nappers Website to order your child a gift they will love and enjoy for years to come!



Happy Nappers


Happy Nappers no longer is offering the Free mini nappers. They are still available for purchase but are also in and out of stock as they are very popular. You can easily find the mini nappers in stores as well.

The online deal is better then ever at $14.99 and now only $5.99 shipping plus if you buy 3 or more shipping is free for your whole purchased. One main reason I really prefer to order online is the simple fact that in the stores they are not kept in the factory plastic. When my daughter got hers it was in plastic inside the box it shipped in. The ones in stores are just sitting out for everyone to touch and play with. I have seen many of them just laying on a department store floor, kicked around etc. and that’s the last place I want something my child will be sleeping with to be. If nothing else ordering online insures that yours will be clean and in perfect condition.

We are still very happy with this purchase and after a year my daughter still loves her Unicorn Happy Napper. Next on the list for this year is the Pink Poodle CuddleUppets. And if your looking to get your Happy Napper for a great price and in great shape just hit the banner above to visit the official site!

Feb 122012


Happy Nappers is dropping their price for online orders only! for those that have been searching for a coupon online you are in the right place. And the best part is there is no code to remember, you don’t have to do anything special at all just visit The Official Happy Nappers Site Here to get this deal.

Happy NappersSo what is the online only deal going to save you? Lets start with if you were to purchase one Happy Napper character. The regular price is $19.99 and that is still what you will pay for Happy Nappers in stores. The special online only price is as low as $7.95 + Free shipping. There has never been a better time to order these popular guys online then now!

Happy Nappers were one of the hottest Holiday items for 2011 and kids are loving them. My daughter has had hers for over a year now and still loves her unicorn, it’s one of her favorite stuffed animal toys. If you have been on the fence about buying a Happy Napper then this is the time to get yours. This price is not available in stores and is only for online purchases through the website.

We got our Daughter her Happy Napper Unicorn in June 2010 and it’s still in great shape as well. The doorbell still works perfectly and it has stood up to a lot of playtime. Happy Nappers are easy to transform from pillow to stuffed animal. They are very soft and cuddly and kids really love them.

Think about it, how many toys do you get your child that they are excited for and then, when you finally get it, after a week or 2 they are on to the next thing. That’s not the case with the Happy Nappers because they are a constant bedtime buddy. It becomes a routine to change your Happy Napper to the pillow at bedtime and then again back to stuffed animal in the morning.  It’s been over a year and my daughter still thanks me for her Happy Napper Unicorn.

These are a great gift for any holiday and at this price you really can’t beat it.

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Nov 302011

happy nappers


With the Holidays coming on fast it’s no surprise that Happy Nappers is one of the top toys for 2011. Although they can be found in some stores now the best deals are direct through the official Happy Nappers Website. If you looking for a Happy Napper for the Holidays that is the place to go and here are some reasons why.

The first is selection. When buying Happy Nappers your going to probably have a specific character in mind. Although I have seen some Happy Nappers in different stores he selection is very thin to say the least. Even the bigger store chains that are carrying Happy Nappers only have a few of the characters. I have yet to find a store that has all 6 of the characters in stock.

Another reason your better off ordering from the official website is you get much better discounts online. If your ordering 2 or more Happy Nappers they give you a discounted price. There is no store that I know of that will give you a discount on buying more then one.  If you order 6 or more, shipping is FREE as well so you can save a nice chunk of change which is always a great thing during the Holidays!

One last thing to mention about buying online as opposed to in stores is actually cleanliness. This may sound picky to some but have you noticed how Happy Nappers are displayed in stores? They are not in any type of protective covering at all. If you were to buy a Happy Napper from a store think about how many other kids have probably picked that very one up. Now add the fact that we are in prime cold and flu season, how many of those kids are coughing and sneezing on those Happy Nappers? When you order online your Happy Napper comes in a box and is covered in plastic. No other people are handling the actual product, just the plastic it is in. Considering this is something your child will be sleeping with and have their face rubbing on it as a pillow I would rather not have one that has been handled by tens or even hundreds of other kids.

There is still plenty of time to order online and have your Happy Nappers arrive in time for the Holidays. They are very quick to ship, I got mine in less then a week from ordering, and have great customer service if you have questions.

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happy napper

Sep 282011



Happy Nappers

Happy Nappers has added a new character to their line up, the  Monkey and Hut. It looks like the monkey is replacing the cow because there are still only six available and the cow is nowhere to be found on the website and the actual TV commercial has also been changed. I sent an email to the company to ask about it and they said the cow is no longer available from their website.

Click Here To Visit The Official Happy Nappers Website

This new addition to the line up could become one of the most popular since it is new and both boys and girls will be attracted to it. My daughter saw him on the commercial last night and actually called me at work to tell my about the new Happy Nappers Monkey. For her to actually call me she must have been pretty excited so I am guessing this will be on her Christmas list soon.

The popularity of these 6 characters is really amazing although, I have to say they are pretty cool both as pillows and stuffed animals. It amazes me how many kids of all different ages actually know the Happy Nappers Song but I guess it should not be a surprise. You can see the commercial on TV at least once during any kids show. My daughter knows the song by heart and will sing t whenever she sees the ad on TV.

The Happy Nappers Monkey looks to be a great addition to the already popular product line. I got my daughter the Happy Nappers Unicorn in May for her birthday and she absolutely loves it. It’s easy to change back and forth and she likes the interaction that comes from ringing the door bell.

If your thinking about getting a Happy Napper then this is a great time to do it. With Happy Nappers becoming more popular every day these could be that hard to find gift as we get closer to the Holiday season. And while they do seem to be popping up here and there in stores the selection in these stores is not always that great and they tend to take a beating in the stores as well.


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May 032011

If both of these products are familiar to you then you may or may not have a favorite. People are very passionate about their childrens toys and these 2 rivals are no exception. Here we will look at some simple comparisons between Happy Nappers and Pillow Pets. Happy Napperspillow pets

The first thing to remember is Happy Nappers are the new kid on the block so to speak. One of the first things people tend to do when a new product comes out that is similar in concept to a popular one is make reference to it being a copy cat product. All though this is probably true to a point remember that doesn’t make it a bad product and sometimes it is an improvement on the original. We all have our brand preferences but that doesn’t mean if it’s not the first one out it’s no good. In this case the most important factor is does the product make the child happy and serve it’s purpose.

Another factor that can come into play is price. In the case of  Happy Nappers VS.  Pillow Pets The prices are the same and shipping charges are also the same. So in this case price really has no effect on the purchase.

Selection is the next thing to look at. Happy Nappers, again being new, has 6 Animals to choose from. They are all very cute and popular with children.  As the brand gets more popular they will more then likely add more Happy Nappers characters to the mix. Pillow Pets do have a much bigger selection, they have been around longer and due to popularity have expanded their line of characters. When Pillow Pets first came out there were around a dozen to choose from now they have over 30 last time I checked. What it is going to come down to is what character from either toy does your child prefer.

Next, does each product do what they are intended to do. The answer for both, Happy Nappers and Pillow Pets is yes. They are both soft, cuddly, plush stuffed animals that transform into pillows that can be used in bed, at sleep overs or on trips.  They are fun yet functional. Both items are loved by the kids that get them and they actually can become the beginning of a collection. No matter which one you choose your child will be taking it everywhere. Kids can’t get enough of either the Happy Nappers or Pillow Pets.

The only real difference other then the characters are the pillows that these animals transform into and how they transform. Happy Nappers are reversible and will actually become the home of their specific animal. This home comes complete with a door bell for waking up your friend when it’s time to come out and play. Pillow Pets simply open up into a pillow and close with a small Velcro strap. Happy Nappers are changed from pillow to animal by unzipping and reversing the character or pillow. Pillow Pets is just a Velcro open and close position. So in comparison Happy Nappers make a bigger change but, Pillow Pets are easier to change

From everything I have seen they are both great choices and in my case we simply have both. It all comes down to choosing the one your child wants most. You can either Buy Happy Nappers or Buy Pillow Pets! Either way your child will love them!

May 032011

happy nappersYou may be wondering, what exactly are Happy Nappers? Perhaps you have a child that has been asking about them or you have heard of them but have not yet seen the commercial on TV. Either way you have come to the right place for information on these pillow/stuffed animals.

Happy Nappers are soft, cute stuffed animals that can transform into a pillow that looks like its dwelling. This is done by reversing it so you either have the animal for playtime (for example a dragon) or it’s home as a pillow (the dragons castle). There are 6 different ones available at this time but as they are becoming very popular I would expect more to come in the near future.

Another cool little feature is when they are in house form they have a door bell you can ring before “waking up your friend”.  This seems like such a simple little thing but kids love it. They like the idea of ringing the bell to wake up their friend and start their play date together.

All you need to do is watch any children’s TV channel and your sure to see the Happy Nappers commercial. My daughter is constantly singing along with the commercial and we have recently ordered her the Unicorn Happy Napper as she is pretty obsessed with unicorns.That and the fact that she asks us every-time the commercial is on for the unicorn. This will make a great Birthday present for her.

Happy Nappers are great because they can serve 2 purposes at once. They are a great stuffed animal and are about 21 inches tall. When reversed they turn into a comfortable pillow that not only works well on a bed but also for overnight trips. They are perfect for long car rides, plane trips and always a favorite at sleep overs. These really are so much more then your typical stuffed animal and kids are loving them.

Check out his video of a little girl and her Happy Napper!

May 022011

Happy Nappers are now in some select stores. They have recently changed there TV commercial which used to state not sold in stores and I have been able to confirm they are in a couple of stores. Still, stock seems to be very limited and chances of getting the character you want are hit or miss at best.

happy nappersAs of now if your looking to get a Happy Napper then your best bet is to order through the Happy Nappers Official Website HERE. There are a few reasons why you should order online as opposed to go to a store. The first reason is simple, they are still very hard to find. I checked a few local stores in my area that were supposed to carry them and all of them were out of stock. I did this more for the sake of checking as my daughter already has her Happy Nappers Unicorn but for the time it might take you to find the one you want you can just order online and have it in a few days.

Another big advantage of ordering from the Happy Nappers site is when ordering more then one you get a discount. As far as I know you will not receive a discount from any retailer for buying more then one item, unless it is a large amount. Even if you are only ordering 2 you will get a $3.00 discount. This goes for each additional Happy Napper you order and if you are going to order 6 or more shipping is also FREE. That could be a huge score if your going to do some Holiday shopping or just want to plan ahead for different occasions.

One other thing I like is that you are dealing direct with the actual company. That means if there is a problem you call them direct. If you get a Happy Nappers that is defective in the store and they do not have another of that specific character then you will be out of luck and your child heart broken. Although problems are very rare things can happen that are beyond anyone’s control. The peace of mind that you can get an exact replacement is well worth ordering online alone. Happy Nappers customer service is excellent and they will take care of any problems ASAP.

Bottom line is you can waste a lot of time to maybe or maybe not find the Happy Napper your child wants or you can just order online by visiting the official Happy Nappers Website Here. I personally had an excellent experience when I ordered direct from the company and my daughter still thanks me for her Happy Napper Unicorn and she has had her for 3 months now.